Abuse of illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications is not limited to any nationality, age, gender, or status. It’s quite possible that a famous artist or a popular actor abuses one or more of these like any affected common man. When it comes to exploring their wilder side, be it for creative experimentation or as a means to relax, even some of the most popular figures weren’t able to stay away from the dark gloomy world of drugs. 

However nifty they might have appeared in their personal capacity and in their respective fields, many of the towering figures from history dabbled in substances of choice and remained addicted for a long. Here, we take a look at some of those doyens from various fields, who too had their share of struggle owing to their addictions:

Charles Dickens: A name tied to some great classics, like A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, and Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens was addicted to opium and would often indulge in waterpipe smoking (hookah) after a long tiring day. His death due to a stroke is attributed to his addiction to opium. Sigmund Freud: He was a great proponent of cocaine and was a voracious user of the substance. He saw great value in cocaine as an anesthetic and himself used it for his own problems with migraine and depression. It was under the influence of cocaine he delineated psychoanalytic theory, which had gone on to become the premise of modern psychological medicine. Stephen King: Definitely one of the most prolific writers of our times, Stephen King too has had his share of substance abuse problem until his family intervened and helped him attain sobriety. His recipe was a mixture of cocaine, Xanax, Valium, Nyquil, beer, tobacco, and marijuana, a highly addictive concoction which often drove him to the edge. He does not even remember some of his writings done in a state of intoxication. Ernest Hemingway: Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway was one of America’s well-known writers during the early to mid-twentieth century. His addiction to alcohol led to serious complications, even exacerbating a mental condition and he eventually took his own life. Winston Churchill: He smoked cigars and drank alcohol in access and took amphetamines to keep going and stay awake to plan strategies for the war. His substance abuse problem, coupled with a high stress life, led to stroke which consumed his life at the end. Vincent van Gogh: Apart from heavily into alcoholism, this famous Dutch painter was also addicted to absinthe, a highly addictive psychoactive drug. Besides, he also had serious mental health issues. In a state of inebriation Vincent Van Gogh had cut off his ears and eventually took his own life by shooting himself in the chest. Philip K. Dick: He wrote a lot of literature of which more than a dozen were his own account of paranoia, schizophrenia, and drug abuse that he struggled with. A genius whose books were turned into mega movies, like Total Recall, Minority Report, and Next, Philip K. Dick was heavily into drugs and abused substances like amphetamines. Many people attribute his exemplary writing skills to his substance abuse habits, which eventually led to his poor health and untimely demise. Edgar Allan Poe: The contribution of Edgar Allan Poe to the American romantic revolution is not anybody’s guess. His beautiful and lilting poems and prose are a great contribution to the American literature. But he too suffered from alcohol dependency. His death, however, would always remain shrouded in mystery.

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Today, a majority of people in Arizona have the problem of back pain. And the number of cases are growing at alarming rate and if the right treatment is not invented as soon as possible, the issue will turn into the most distressing concern for the people of the place. This is why there is a need of collective effort to find best way that can help people easily get rid of any type of back pain.

There are many reasons of back pain but the disc slip is the most common. In this, a disc slips from its place and starts creating problem in nerve, which later results in inflammation and pain in the back. Though you cannot prevent the slippage but the best Spinal disc herniation treatment in Arizona can help get rid from the pain effectively.

Among many reasons that cause the problem to occur, herniated disc is the most effective, which happens due to heavy lifting and prolonged sitting. The chance of disc herniation is more in the people who are engaged in work involving lifting heavy objects like in logistic company.

Though there are many methods applied to get relief from pain, without eliminating the root cause of the problem, you will not get rid of the problem permanently. This is why, the best way to cure this problem is find the main reason and try to eliminate the reason.

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Physical exercise is very crucial for healthy life and helps overcome many health problems. This is true of back pain due to herniated disc too. This is why modern treatment stresses on doing physical, which increases recovery speed and brings significant result. And people today prefer getting physical therapy for herniated disc to treating the problem through traditional methods that cure the problem using medicines.

To treat through physical therapy, decompression technology is used, which creates negative pressure inside the disc and brings the bulged fluid into its earlier position. Being a non-surgical method, this technology is easy and pain free yet more effective than others methods used to heal people suffering from slipped disc.

When herniated disc ruptures and pushes out, the nerves may become pinched and the space for them is further diminished, which results in irritation of the nerves. If not treated on time this irritation results in inflammation in the arms and legs. But with treatment for herniated discs, you get relive instantly from the symptoms of disc ruptures like shooting, electrical pain down the arms and legs and numbness and tingling in the hands and feet.

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Gone are the days when back pain was experienced only by the elderly. It is because back pain has now become a common problem among large section of population. Out of this, youngsters are suffering from this problem seriously and severely. It is due to the reason they have to spend long hours in front of computers or laptops. Also they hardly get any time for physical activity or physical exercises. Consequently, the muscles of back experience constant pressure due to which these become weak and stiff. This in turn gives rise to the problem of severe back pain. Also the supply of blood is reduced to this region which may ultimately result in numbness of the lower limbs. The condition may become worse due to compression of nerves passing through the back or due to slipped disc.


What causes back pain?

Well, back pain may be triggered due to multiple reasons as mentioned below.

Advancing age Weakness of the bones and muscles in the back due to exertion of constant pressure Sitting or standing in same position for long time Heavy physical activity Tasks involving too much pushing or pulling of the things Quick and sudden bending that may result in strain on back Slipped disc Mental stress, tension and depression Injury to the back Lifting of heavy objects

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In order to get relieved of the severe pain in the back, most people take pain-killers available on medical shops. Although the pain may subside for some time with the use of such medicines however it may start re-appearing when these medicines are withdrawn. Hence it is very much important o find the root cause of the problem and opt for treatment options or medicines accordingly.

In this regard, Ramdev medicine for back is quite helpful. It is available in the form of package of medicine for back pain and helps in offering long lasting relief from this problem. Also it is safe and hence free from any side-effects on the body. Various herbal formulas that are recommendable under Ramdev medicine for back pain are as given below.

a. Ekangaveer (10gm)

b. Divya Brihad vat Chintamaniras

c. Divya Pravala Pisti

d. Divya Swarna Maksika Bhasm

e. Divya Trayodashang Guggulu

Non Narcotic Pain Killers

f. Divya Chanderprabha Vati

Reasons to take Ramdev medicine for back pain

1. Ramdev medicine for back pain is obviously meant to offer relief from severe pain experienced in the lower back by large numbers of people.

2. Unlike other medicines or products meant for back pain relief Ramdev medicine is totally safe and risk free.

3. It offers permanent solution for this problem and at the same time prevents its recurrence.

4. The entire muscular system including bones, muscles and joints are strengthened so as to optimize their respective functions.

5. It is a very good and complete source of nutrition for the entire muscular system.

6. The flexibility of the muscles in the back is improved.

7. It is even apt for women who suffer from back pain during menstrual cycles.

So we have seen that there are multiple reasons that may prompt anyone suffering from back pain to take Ramdev medicine and get rid of his/her problem for good.

Social media sites such as Facebook are becoming the norm for most people around the world. There are millions of people on social media sites everyday now, which makes it the perfect place for marketing any business. The most effective way to market any business on Facebook is to create custom Facebook fan pages. When a company gets fans, that business is posted on all of their friend’s pages as well, so when a business gets one fan, the business is actually advertised to hundreds of other possible fans.

When a business creates a Facebook fan page, they can put their company logo as well as all inventories directly onto the page. In addition, photos, links, contact forms and videos can also be added to any Facebook page. This fast, convenient and inexpensive marketing is perfect for small businesses as well as large, established companies. Having a large selection on Facebook custom fan pages will help the company to get more fans. As mentioned before, more fans means more advertising.

Custom Facebook fan pages are very inexpensive, some are free but this option does not include advertising on certain profiles. For a small fee, companies can choose how much they pay for advertising on Facebook, they can set a daily budget on how many clicks a link can get. When advertising on Facebook, companies only pay for advertising when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement is the only time Facebook charges for advertising, keeping costs to the company much lower than traditional marketing tools.

The only downside of using social media to get the company name out there is that it is very time consuming. Most people trying to run a business simply do not have the time to start the page. This is why it is imperative to hire a professional who has experience in social media and knows what sells. With a service like this one, all the companies’ worries will simply fade away, they will not have to worry about building any kind of website, and the professionals will take care of all the work.

I will give you some tips on how to make your fan page more appealing to potential fans and hopefully get you more “likes”.

Page Identity

When people come to your page they need to see what you’re all about before they even click the like button. If you’re not clear about what you are and what you do than people will get the wrong message and potentially not give you a like. One of the easiest ways to fix this is to get a landing or splash page. Make one of your pages the first page someone sees before they become a fan. Put that all important information on this page. To set a page as your landing page go to Edit Page -> Manage Permissions -> Default Landing Tab and select the page you want from the drop down menu.

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Get the Right Apps

Depending on what your facebook custom fan page is about will determine the apps you want to install for it. Facebook offers a ton of apps for free that are quite useful. You can add things like a streaming music player, movie updater, mobile capability and search engine integration. These apps can help customize your page to make it specific to you and draw more people in. There are also apps that will allow your fans to have Q&A sessions which could be very helpful to get more information about you about you out there.

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Likes

People are much more likely to see a picture and make an opinion before they ever read text. If you have captivating images for your fan page people are more likely to stop and spend more time there. If your page looks boring and unpleasing then why should they stop and read anything you’ve written? Pictures (profile and non-profile) will really make a difference in who stops to read your page and who doesn’t.

These are a few tips to help you get started with making a fan page. Facebook offers many other features that are great for specific companies and people. Play around with their settings and find what works the best for you. Doing these things will give you a custom Facebook fan page in no time.

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SEO Consultants are doing a lot of business and making money. Why not? After all, there are a lot of websites lying there for optimization and plenty of money to be made. With an abundance of opportunities, the Consultants have never had a better time in their lives professionally. But what triggered Consultancy when there are service providers doing full time SEO projects? What instigated the need for SEO Consultants to come in and advise the client on a suitable course of action? These are certain points to be debated and discussed. They have to be explored in detail.

SEO Consultants came into business when groups, professionals and firms raised their hands and declared time constraints. They could not squeeze out time from their schedules and take up more projects. With a packed calendar, they found it very tough to take on more full time projects. The best option available was part time consulting. Slowly, this found favor amongst website administrators as they got some sound advice for their websites at relatively cheaper costs. Better, they got to do the work themselves and learn about website optimization, saving a lot of time. The process gradually turned into an industry and thus saw the emergence of SEO Consulting Services.

India has become a favorite destination for organizations to approach for SEO Consultations. Every genuine SEO Consultant in India knows how to handle websites and can lead the way towards successful optimization. He knows what works for which website and takes measures accordingly. Over the years, he has handled multiple websites and worked on a variety of them to acquire the necessary expertise. He has ensured that he taught himself the variety of nuances involved different websites. Hence, he is ready to consult on any website. It might be from healthcare, BFSI, hospitality, telecom, auto parts, aviation, phone commerce etc.

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The SEO Consulting Services provided by the SEO Consultant in India are strategy based and well researched. The services have been crafted and well thought of. They have been done with a commitment towards excellence and reflect quality from the onset itself. The Consultations span over a period of days and cover all the aspects of an SEO process. It includes advice on link building, content writing, website designing, social bookmarking, directory submissions, article submissions, Meta Tagging etc. and a lot of other facets involved.

The consultants cover a wide gamut of services and ensure that the website is handled well apart from directions being given properly for website development and betterment. The consultants have their work cut out. They do not waste time in implementation and are sure about what they do. They straight away process directions to the client through various communication channels and start giving directions. They guide the end user towards incorporating these measures and ensure that these find their way on the web. The implementation happens well and results are monitored alongside. Depending on the results, corrective measures are taken and the campaign is altered. Till the desirable rank is achieved, work keeps going on and never stops even for a second.

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In the towering rates of competitors in the Medical industry, many people are searching for the most applicable as well as valuable methods to make use on utilizing the conquest of their businesses. As a recommended solution, acquiring services from pharmaceutical consulting enterprises can draw in additional opportunities to achieve greater attainments. Discussing about your business needs with the specialists and medical device regulatory consultant would definitely identify the factors that you should consider in handling your business. The trade itself is comprised of complicated aspects and that’s why getting assets to surpass these complications can hypothetically dig up advantages.

Prevailing over the matters of meeting the terms are typically included when putting medical tools and equipments on top of the pharmaceutical market, therefore with the supervision of consulting firms, producers can attain minimum range difficulties to encounter. Getting products removed from the market would be the worst thing that could happen to those medical device contract manufacturers who failed to obey the regulations proposed by certain agencies specifically with the standards created by FDA. Even your products are recently out in the market; once mistakes or break downs are noticed, your products will be recalled. Thus, these results to receiving destructive acknowledgements in the industry as well as monetary troubles with the fact that you have spend so much to manufacture your products yet lost everything in just a single moment. If you have a skilled consultant you can likely prevent these possibilities and even benefit more through a professional guidance.

Venturing in the medical industry is indisputably comprised of aggressive and multifaceted fields. For those who make use of services from consulting firms they can probably get opportunities of being ahead from the rest of the contenders. Numerous manufacturers sought after the most efficient services from consulting firms to boost their awareness about the foremost matters filling the requirements of the industry such as abiding the regulations of FDA and good manufacturing practices (GMP). Through the web you can simply find the most reliable medical device consulting firms.

To get the appropriate medical device regulatory consulting to suit your necessities, take time to make inquiries about their stand within this field and the capabilities of their specialists mostly with distinct areas of expertise which they can utilize to take action with their clients’ needs.

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The Skyward Group is one of the recognized trade names that have its pharmaceutical regulatory consulting division which is particularly created to eradicate the borders of handling your business and to present constant means of handling your works as well as the control to further improve your resources.

Satisfaction and valuable results are their guarantee. They complement their knowledge together with their client’s initiatives in facilitating their tasks with the purpose to serve as the “extension”. Therefore, building a distinctive relationship can obtain the consideration that it ought to have.

They are specialized in giving the essential instructions, support and administration for FDA listings plus the consent required. They make available wide-ranging methods to assure that your goods will arrive to markets accordingly exclusive of hassles on transacting with massive and daunting procedures.

Considering the wide selection of assets that manufacturer of medical equipments can choose from. Noticeably pharmaceutical consulting businesses have situated themselves as one of the most favorable when it comes to getting a stand in the medical industry.